Explosive detector systems ZASLON

Designed for prevention and response to terrorist threats, capable of real-time error-free detection
of explosives and traces thereof


Mobile and stationary design


Mobile explosive detector.

The principle of operation is based on a blanking photoluminescence sensory material in the presence of vapor explosive.

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Universal stationary explosive detector system.

Intended for 24 hours monitoring personnel and visitors of the protected objects for traces of contact with explosives and for detection of explosives.

Installation on any checkpoint is possible.

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Explosion protection systems 



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Temperature control system TERMOSCAN-M



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Zaslon at meeting of Board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

On February 26-28, 2018, the extended meeting of Board of the Ministry of internal Affairs was held which was attended by all senior staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and headed by Russian President V. V. Putin. Zaslon-M portable explosive detector and Zaslon-C stationary system was presented at the meeting.
The novelties, a promising technical means for fast explosives detection and improving antiterrorist security of various objects, aroused keen interest of the exhibition participants.

Specifications of Zaslon systems


There is no radioactive source
Threshold sensitivity: TNT 1,31x10-11  g/cm3 
Detection time: 1-2 sec
Readiness time: 15 sec
False alarm probability: 1 on 1000 measurements

Scope of application

  • Critical infrastructure facilities
  • Monitoring of explosives vapor content in the air of enterprise working zone
  • Border and customs check points
  • Defence facilities
  • Security of mass events
  • Transport security
  • Use by law enforcement bodies
  • Prevention of terrorist attacks with explosives use

List of detectable substances

1. Ammonium nitrate
2. Dinitrotoluene
3. Trinitrotoluene
4. Trinitro-resorcinol (picric acid)
5. Dinitronaphthalene
6. Dimetyldinitrobutane
7. Ethylene-glycoldinitrate
8. Nitroglycerin
9. Tetranitropentaerytrite
10. Pentaerythritetranitrate
11. Hexogen
12. Octogen
13. Benzofuroxan
14. Hexamethylenetriperoxidediamine
15. Industrial explosives based on hexogen (hexogen +plasticizer)
16. Industrial explosives based on octogen (octogen+plasticizer)
17. Simteks (hexogen+tetranitropentaerytrite+plasticizer)
18. Octol (hexogen+trinitrotoluene)
19. Ammonite
20. Ammonal
21. Nitropowder, etc.

Principle of Zaslon system operation

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